Origin And Criticism: Valentine’s Day

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Valentine‘s day is celebrated worldwide as a day of love on February 14. From a very long time, the day is waited by youngster’s every year to express their love to their special ones. Market places are filled with the gifts representing love and day of valentine. You can a huge craze in the society for this day. People offer chocolates, candies, stuffed toys to their loved ones as gifts and then go out to have a dinner or party. Youth desperately needs a date on this day because they don’t want to be losers.

There are many controversies about the existence of this day. Different legends have different stories. But according to one legend the day is related to the Old Italian society. In the times of Emperor Claudius, he needed soldiers to fight in the battle. He was of a unique opinion that married men are not good soldiers because their priorities are always their families. This is true to an extent. Keeping the same opinion he removed the concept of marriages from the society. But bishop valentine was strongly against the abolishment of marriages.


He started inviting lovers to his place and carry out the marriages. When emperor came to know about this he got mad and ordered to arrest valentine. When valentine was in jail, starting loving jailer’s blind daughter And before the time he was put to death he sent a note to the blind girl written ‘from your valentine’ till that day the day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day and lovers are called valentines.

Before the 19th century the day was only limited to couples, when day exchange gifts, poems expressed their love to each other, but as the time passed people realized that the day is not only for romance but the day of expressing love and affection to all the people who are special in your life and till then people wish valentine’s day to their friends, parents, siblings, teachers and all the people who represent love to you.

Talking about current scenario, Valentine’s Day is particularly popular among youth. Couples start planning for the day in advance like buying gifts for their valentines, arranging big surprises, while singles start looking for their dates. It is very common on this day to watch couples holding hands and sitting in parks. Many clubs and hotels arrange sizzling parties on this day.

This day of love is criticized so much in countries like India. They have a belief that this day of foreign culture have made their youngsters lame. People see huge protests by many political parties on this day. Some couples are arrested due celebrating Valentine’s Day. The other reason for criticism is that you don’t need that one day to express your love to our loved one. It should be done every single day. Your partner deserves to feel special every day in the year. Despite of this criticism, the day is getting huge popularity with every passing year and people take it as an opportunity to express their love to their someone specials.

The trend of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing
The world is changing fast and how? The advent of social media platforms is changing our outlook, our perspective. It's just not a community of people sharing lives online but home to thriving business communities that are making these social platforms a fantastic tool for marketing and advertising.

Social media trend

Right from facebook and twitter to pinterest and instagram.These websites are thriving with big names in the business and why not? Given the popularity each of these sites have gotten over the past 4 to 5 years. Businesses communities, the world over have realized the potential of using exactly these platforms to reach their target audience. This trend has changed the very meaning of marketing and advertising products, customer-business relationship and everything that goes into making of an image.

How it's working on the scene

We are all well aware of how facebook works and how it has become so popular with not just the younger set of audience and the ordinary but also the famous brands. And then comes twitter (a micro blogging site) which is a hit with the celebrities and some of the famous names in politics and business. Working its way and cutting across all of them is Instagram. And we are again well aware of what instagram does. It’s a simple photo-sharing website.

Marketing with instagram?

But not only has it become extremely popular with most age-groups and communities but the big names in the business industry are not leaving any stone unturned to make sure their products are showcased glamorously in photographs and videos but they are also making sure they keep the flow of “followers” and ”like” coming. Big businesses or small one’s when you can buy instagram followers for cheap. It's only an added advantage, an investment that will help in future.

Using instagram for marketing?

We talk about big businesses and small ones and in this case now that almost everyone is using instagram to help create a name for themselves or their brand. So it doesn’t matter you’re a big name or a small one.

If you’re starting out on Instagram

If you’re just starting out with marketing your brand or business on instagram, its very important to do your re-search well, make sure you know what your brand stands for and the image that you want to portray, your target audience is also exceptionally important. Sharing your content online gives you a good scope of knowing exactly how well your brand is received or if it's not working out then what’s going wrong and how can you change your marketing strategy to help you build a better brand image .

Clever and quick

Its fast form of instantaneous feedback where you get to know the beat of the world all on just one single platform. With new changes and options, social media platforms, be it facebook,twitter or instagram are fast changing the world we live in, the way we communicate and the way business and the market functions. It is incredible to see how these very changes have so brilliantly incorporated every aspect of our day to day activities